My husband and I are grateful and blessed for the opportunity to own this establishment and serve the community we live in. We know we would not be here today if not for the support, help and encouragement from family, friends and our guests who have become our second family.

The dream of going from “Bartender to Bar Owner” after working here for so many years is amazing!

The commitment from our staff made this transition easy and very enjoyable. Our expansion has been very successful due to the tremendous support of the Pool & Dart community along with keeping the best “Regulars” anyone could ask for. It has also given us the opportunity to pay it forward by hosting fundraisers and parties for schools, teams and people in need.

We will continue¬†the traditions that has made Rookies a pillar in the community for the past ten plus years and we look forward to building “Rookies Sports Bar & Grill”¬†into a brand that we can be proud to share with everyone!

Thank you!


A Corner Bar….Just Bigger!